Our country is a FREE country which means that EVERYONE is FREE to choose WHAT type of care they desire to obtain.  The choice is relatively simple.    You can either choose disease care or health care.

Disease care is provided for, well… diseases of course.  You must be sick to obtain disease care.  Disease care is re-active.  Disease care is in business when you are sick. When you are healthy, disease care is out of business.

Health care is provided for, well… health of course.  Health care is pro-active.   Health care is in business when you are healthy to stay healthy. When you are healthy, health care is in business.  IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

The objective of chiropractic relates your life!  Health is part of your life!



Can we have an intimate conversation?

The immune system works remarkably well for most of us, most of the time.  Just how it works differs from person to person.  We know that the immune system is controlled by the innate intelligence of the body and that it reflects the life history and individuality of its owner.  How any one person will meet a given challenge depends on many things, especially the integrity of the nerve system and its freedom from subluxations.  So, make sure to get your spine checked regularly!

Amazing isn’t it?


More on natural functions.

The objective straight chiropractor understands the principles of natural body functions and is concerned in locating, analyzing and correcting interferences to these natural body functions.  These interferences are called:  vertebral subluxations.

Chiropractic has built a philosophy, science and art around the correction of vertebral subluxations.   It is based on a definite set of principles (more than 30) to follow in order to achieve the understanding of the ultimate importance and priority of correcting vertebral subluxations.

Objective straight chiropractors concern themselves thoroughly and exclusively with the application of those principles.

By consistently and persistently checking the spines of people for the presence of vertebral subluxations and correcting them, the objective straight chiropractor helps people to express their innate potential.  This allows the people’s natural body functions to be normalized at the greatest and highest level of proficiency available today.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn to live in freedom and knowledge rather than in bondage and ignorance of what is truly good for us?

Amazing isn’t it?

Let’s see further…

The spinal cord is sheathed in a protective tube called the vertebral column.  In order to allow freedom of movement, the vertebral column is flexible in all directions.

It is composed of 24 movable segments called vertebrae.  The structure of the vertebrae is one of the most complex bone structures of the entire body.  The joint between the vertebrae is the most complex joint of the entire body also.

Amazing isn’t it?