What is health anyway? (4)

We cannot define health as the absence of symptoms.  We need another definition, and in chiropractic we have one.

The word health comes from  the Greeks and it means whole.  In chiropractic, we know that health equals wholeness.  Wholeness has two meaning here.  First, wholeness in structure, that all the various parts are present.  Second, and most importantly, wholeness in function, that each part is coordinated with all the other parts. It is this harmonious wholeness that is health.




What? Efferent?

I realized that last week’s blog was NOT received.  I apologize.  Here it is:

Efferent means “from brain cell to tissue cell”, therefore we expect that efferent transmission is the passing on of chemoelectrical impulses from the brain cell to the tissue cells of the body.

As the center of the innate intelligence, the innate brain creates a mental image, transforms it to energy, and distributes it via the nervous system to specific tissue cells.  The innate intelligence invests these impulses with intelligent directions.

This gives us expression, function and coordinated movement as a result of efferent transmission.



“Doctor, can you cure me, please?”

Throughout our day, we pick up bits and pieces of conversations emanating from our  reception rooms.  Often times we have heard people saying:  “Chiropractic cured me from migraines, high blood pressure, paralysis, menstrual cramps”…  and what not, from hyperfunction to hypofunction.  Well, let’s bring things back into focus.

Objective chiropractors do not cure anything and neither does chiropractic for that matter.  Why?  Simply because they cannot!  Any healing of the human body is done by the innate intelligence of the body from within.

It is electricity which produces light, not the electrician turning on the switch…  It is the steam which gives heat, not the plumber operating the valve…  It is the software which computerizes information, not the computer operator..  It is the water which grows the fruits, not the gardener opening the faucet…

It is the energy within you which gives you life, grows you from baby to child, to adult.  It is the energy within you which allows you to live…  which, if interfered with, decreases the expression of the innate intelligence of  your body and causes it to malfunction… which when restored, increases the expression of the innate intelligence of your body and causes it to function properly and normally.

Amazing isn’t it?

Tell me more about this innate intelligence again.

Everyone has an innate intelligence and no one can willingly control it.

Suppose you had a pretzel for a snack.  Just how much water would you have to drink to neutralize the salt?  How much faster must your heart beat, should you run to catch a bus, chop some firewood or do any kind of exercise?  How much sugar must be burned within your body in order to maintain it at 98.6 degrees of human temperature?

Well, now, these questions need not bother you a bit.  There is not a chemist or a scientist in the world who can tell you.

But that liver of yours can handle the sugar problem if you never saw the inside of a textbook of chemistry.

Your heart, the number of heartbeats and the stomach will call for its water and tell you when it gets enough.

Your innate intelligence uses your nerve system to communicate and control every function of every system, organ, gland and cell know and unknown within your body.

Amazing isn’t it?