Did you know? (6)

Only chiropractic has 33 principles as its basic science to claim understanding of body malfunction and addresses the CAUSE of the malfunction.  Other professions only treat EFFECTS of body malfunction.  Chiropractic’s basic science reveals the chiropractic objective which is to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxation which is the CAUSE of the body malfunction.  Vertebral subluxations are small displacements of vertebra in the spinal column which CAUSE nerve pressure which interferes with the transmission of information to the parts of the body.  This in turn CAUSES body malfunction.

When the body functions normally, it will promote self healing.  Under the specific care of an objective chiropractor, human beings possess the ability to live a life of normal body function.



The body does NOT heal itself!

You have probably heard it many times:  “The body heals itself”.  The human body is incapable of healing itself.  If it could, a corpse (which is a body) would heal itself and it does not.

What does the healing in the human body?

It’s the innate intelligence of the body that heals the body!  I think it’s important to make that distinction as it is important to understand the integral part that the nerve system plays in healing.  A good nerve supply is paramount to the proper functioning of the body.

To keep the nerve system free from vertebral subluxation insure the ability of the body to function properly, thus, cooperating with the innate intelligence of the body for healing and peak performance.

Amazing isn’t it?


What is homeostasis? (3)

During healing periods, the body may experience strange and unusual symptoms (such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) which are good but oftentimes cause unnecessary worries on the part of the individual.

The body’s physical barriers and other first line defenses most often prevent microbes and other foreign matter from entering the body’s inner tissues… but not always.  Bacteria sometimes enter the deeper layers of the skin through a cut in the finger.  Viruses slip through the lining of the respiratory and digestive tracts, penetrating the lungs or intestines.  Such invading microorganisms usually encounter the full force of the immune system and are destroyed on the spot.

Amazing isn’t it?


Effects or cause

Chiropractic does not address the symptoms, pain or feelings because they are the result of a cause…   When cells are sick, they never recover, they always die just the same as healthy cells die every second of your life.

Of course they are replaced by new cells, and if the new cells are as sick as the ones that just died, the person is getting worse.

And if the new cells are healthier than the ones that just died, then the person is getting better.

That’s how healing works!

Amazing isn’t it?