What is health anyway? (4)

We cannot define health as the absence of symptoms.  We need another definition, and in chiropractic we have one.

The word health comes from  the Greeks and it means whole.  In chiropractic, we know that health equals wholeness.  Wholeness has two meaning here.  First, wholeness in structure, that all the various parts are present.  Second, and most importantly, wholeness in function, that each part is coordinated with all the other parts. It is this harmonious wholeness that is health.




What is health, anyway?

Health, what is it?  It seems to be something people want.  Many people spend a lot of time and money looking for health, and all of us miss it if we don’t have health.

Ask most people this question during the coming week:  “HOW do YOU know that YOU are healthy, what is you criteria for being healthy?”  Next week we’ll look at some of the answers you probably heard.




Is this the turning point?

Health makes up approximately 15% of the human experience and it is our individual responsibility.  If we desire to achieve our full potential, then we must do what is necessary and be willing to pay the price.

First, we must know what true health is.  Health is defined as a condition of  being whole in which all the organs and glands of the body are functioning 100% at all times.

This means that  in order to be healthy we must have all of our organs and glands, and they must function properly all the time.

We now see that health and function are inter-related and dependent on one another.  Next, we need to know what controls the functions in the body and where it comes from.

Gray’s anatomy, a textbook, recognized  world-wide within the scientific community states that the purpose of the brain and the nerve system is to control and coordinate the functions of the other tissues, organs and glands of the body and to relate the body to its environment both internal and external.

Amazing isn’t it?

What’s somewhere in between?

100% LIFE = 100% Health

Death = 0% LIFE = 0% Health

Somewhere — in– between =  Less than 100% life and more than 0% life = Less than 100% health and more than 0% health

It becomes partial life and partial health and partial death, which is where EVERYONE is at any given moment due to limitations.  Everyone of us is going to die someday and every one of us is NOW partially alive and partially healthy and partially dead. It’s just a matter of percentage.

A free nerve system gives you a full expression of the innate intelligence of the body. It ALWAYS increases the percentage of life in you and increases the percentage of health in you and decreases the percentage of death in you.

Amazing isn’t it?

Where are you?


When nerves are cut-off… LIFE is cut-off.

When LIFE is cut-off… the result is death.

When nerves are impinged upon… LIFE is altered.

When LIFE is altered… the result is dis-ease.

When nerves are free… the result is ease.

When LIFE is expressed with ease… the result is health.

Amazing isn’t it?

Chiropractic analogy

Let us compare your body to a beautiful garden….

Your brain is the well producing life sustaining water…  your brain stem, the faucet… your spinal chord is the main pipeline carrying the water to the garden… your nerve are the main water hoses going to various organs of your body…  the sprinklers and the millions nerve fibers watering every single cell of your body.  The INNATE INTELLIGENCE of your body is the gardener.

As long as the quantity and quality of water determined by the gardener can flow freely through the main pipeline toward the various and numerous hoses and sprinklers, the garden can be watered and Life can be expressed to its fullest and so provide a more complete human experience, 15% of which happens to be health.

Amazing isn’t it?