What exactly is a human cell?

Your cells take in food and oxygen and give off waste.  They have the ability to excrete, be productive and reproduce themselves.  Cells that have completed their life cycle are replaced by new cells… this process is called regeneration.

Basically every year, your body renews itself.  For example, heart cells live about 90 days.  Red blood cells, 120 days.  Liver cells, 300 days.  Stomach lining cells 5 days.  Even the DNA which contains millions of years of genetic information is different every 6 weeks.  The innate intelligence of the body renews our cells at the rate of 500,000,ooo,ooo per day.  We actuality change our bodies more rapidly than we change our clothes!



Is it cell division or multiplication? (2)

The time it takes for a cell to move through the complete cycle from its birth to its death,varies enormously.  It may take as little as few hours, or it may be as long as the body lives.

Some skin cells live about 8 hours, cells that line the intestine about 1  1/2 days, heart cells about 90 days, red blood cells about 120 days,while undamaged brain cells last a lifetime.



2 lungs to breathe? (2)

With every breath you inhale, you breathe 10 to the power 22 physical atoms which will become part of your brain, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder, etc…  That’s an astronomical  number of atoms.  

Each time you exhale, you breathe out 10 to the power 22 physical atoms also, ridding yourself of parts of your brain, spleen, heart, liver, etc…  so, we literally breathe each others’ body parts. 

We are more intimately interconnected that we believe, physiologically and physically at least!



Do YOU know your heart? (3)

Your heart is a very active and very important organ of your body.  It is under the direct control of the innate intelligence of the body which uses the brain and nerve system to relay messages to and from the heart.

For your heart to function at maximum efficiency, it needs a good nerve supply of energy, for without energy from the brain, your heart would just stop beating and you would die.

However, sometimes only a small amount of energy is blocked within the nerves and it eventually causes malfunction of the heart leading very often to heart attacks, heart failure, cardiac arrest, hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.

The Objective Straight Chiropractor, by correcting the blockages to your nerve system, insures that the right amount of energy will get to your heart and all the parts of your body resulting in a better expression of your innate potential.

That is always positive for all the functions of your body, especially your heart!

Amazing isn’t it?

Do YOU know your heart?

Your heart is the strongest and toughest muscle in your body.  In 12 hours, the innate intelligence of your body can generate through your heart enough energy to lift 3 fully loaded Greyhound Scenicruiser buses one inch off the ground.

Your heart beats usually at about 75 beats per minute… or about 40,000,000 beats per year.  These are only the beats you can feel  (your pulse).  Actually there are twice that many because your heart is a pump.  It pumps blood from your body into your lungs to get renewed oxygen, then pumps it back into your body to supply new food to your tissues.  Since both actions happen at the same time you can feel only one beat.

Your heart pumps about 2 1/2 gallons of blood per minute.  If you could loan your heart to pump donor blood into pint bottles, it would fill so many bottles in one year that they would stretch from Washington D.C. to Orlando, Florida.

Amazing isn’t it?