Did you know? (2)

When scientists discovered in 1993 that the nerve system and immune system were basically one and the same, it naturally follows that in good health and ill health, the nerve system becomes the regulating force.  In good health, the flow of mental impulse is normal; we can see, taste, smell, feel and function.  By it we move, breathe, have our being, plan and understand.  We mend fractures, repair wounds, grow, adapt, assimilate and excrete.

In ill health however, the flow of mental impulse is altered and we cannot perform well any longer.  We dramatically understand as well, that the absence of mental impulse flow (also called brain-waves) indicates… death.  In other words, through the mental impulse flow from brain to tissue cell and back to the brain, we LIVE!!!



Did you know?

All authorities unanimously agree that in order to have NORMAL body functions, we must have adequate, unrestricted, uninterrupted mental impulses transmitted from the brain, through the nerves, to the tissue cells of the body?

Proper nerve supply is essential for expressing one’s full innate potential through our human experience.  The fact that the nerve system is master communication system of the body is a settled issue of true science.  It has been demonstrated at the University of Rochester, New York by Dr. Finkelstein and his group of scientists that the nerve system and the immune system are one and the same.  This gives the nerve system a much more flexible approach, to be used by the innate intelligence of the body, to completely control and  coordinate the activities of the cells of the human body.

When scientists discovered this in 1993, they were totally amazed at what they realized. The entire scientific community was struck to the core and had to admit that chiropractic was absolutely right, over 100 years ago and that chiropractic was definitely ahead of its time.



Do you know your body chemistry (3)?

The composition of the cellular bath is so important that most of the major organs of the body mainly concern themselves with insuring the proper proportion of its ingredients, among them the breathing lungs, the pumping heart and filtering kidneys and great areas of the lower brain.


The need for all of this precise regulation is illustrated by the alarming disturbances which can result (particularly in the immune system) if only one of these ingredients moves out of bounds.  The innate intelligence of the body uses the brain stem and nerve system to regulate body chemistry.  When vertebral subluxations interfere with proper transmission of mental impulses within the nerve system of the body, relation of body chemistry becomes out of balance.


One more reason to have your spine checked on a regular basis!





Do YOU know your immune system? (2)

Naturally, for this army to work efficiently, it must be under the command of a great “General”:  Your brain.  Your Brain-General sends important orders received from the Chief Commander:   Your innate intelligence, via  telegraphic system of communication called the nerve system, which is protected within your vertebral column.

Sometimes vertebral subluxations interfere with the transmission of the orders sent by your Brain-General creating troubles because your body expresses less of its innate potential.

When this occurs, your “army” does not receive the correct orders, it does not perform properly, your resistance decreases and you are prey to invaders (like bacteria, viruses and germs).  Sometimes as a result of this scenario your body becomes sick.

What must you do to regain you health and maintain it?  Common sense says that you must repair the interference within the transmission of the orders from your Brain-General.

The objective of the straight chiropractor is to correct vertebral subluxations allowing you to express your innate potential fully and providing the battalions and the troops of your “army” (immune system) to once again receive the orders of you Brain-General.  Then and only then will your body hav a chance to perform properly.  And, of course, you will also be fully protected by keeping your resistance high… This is called: prevention.

Amazing isn’t it?

Vertebral subluxation

If the body is not working right due to vertebral subluxations, its performance will diminish affecting all the systems within that body.

The immune system, for example, will function improperly, the resistance of the body will decrease, other systems will be impaired as a result, the repairing and healing mechanisms will be inefficient which will allow the cells to lose their ability to excrete properly, to be productive and to reproduce themselves normally.

In short, the entire body will, over time, re-create itself abnormally.

Amazing isn’t it?