Body Temperature

It’s 101*F outside today!  Yet your body temperature will maintain about 98.6*F.  Why?

The innate intelligence of your body monitors its temperature through a thermostat that measures the heat of blood flowing through your brain.  If air temperature changes even a fraction of a degree and your blood temperature changes, your autonomic nerve system respond instantly to the command of the innate intelligence of your body.

It is important to have a full flow of mental impulses.

That’s the objective of chiropractic care for your body.



Innate intelligence and the human body

The human body functions as a chemical factory as well as an electric power plant.  It is under the perfect control of the innate intelligence of the body which uses the nerve system to send chemo-electrical impulses to communicate with all the cells of that body.

Those impulses have one purpose:  to allow the body for function properly.  If the life-force which is encoded within those impulses leaving the brain as e-mails and coursing through the nerve system  is received precisely as it was intended by the innate intelligence of the body, the systems, organs, glands and all the cells or the body will perform efficiently without any spam and junk-mail.

The result of such performance is a greater expression of the innate potential of the body.

Amazing isn’t it?

Manifestation of Innate Intelligence

Can you conceive of a complicated computer chip happening by sheer luck? Or a musical symphony composed by pure chance? Evidently their fantastic organizations prove it takes intelligent individuals to create these complex systems.

Now do you think it possible that the creation of a human baby with all its intricate internal systems happens by luck? Seriously the six billions people populating our planet with similarly organized bodies are not haphazard occurrences.

Since your body is well organized, it must, logically speaking, be the result of an intelligence smart enough to assemble and organize it in the first place.

The organization of your body is under the perfect control of a great wisdom we call innate intelligence. Innate means “inborn, within you.”