What is a vertebral subluxation?

A vertebral subluxation is a condition in which nerve control is lost between the brain control center and the organs due to a small displacement of the spinal bones, always altering the functions of the body.  In other words, a vertebral subluxation is an interference to the function of you body, forcing your body to have less instructive information from the innate intelligence of your body.  When this occurs, you will have less than optimal physical, mental and social well being.

A vertebral subluxation is the most serious interference to the functions of your body that we know of.




What is health anyway? (5)

In order for your body to function properly, the innate intelligence of the body uses a communication system:  the brain and the nerves.  By way of the nerves, messages come into the brain, giving feedback about body conditions, and instructions go out from the brain, to keep things working smoothly.  This is how the innate intelligence of the body controls and coordinates your functions and keeps you healthy.

The objective chiropractor makes sure you are free from any interference to your communication system (brain and nerves) so that the innate intelligence of the body can maintain your body health by allowing all the cells of your body to function normally.




Are microbes and germs good for you? (6)

Experience shows that under usual conditions the remnants of animals and plants do not accumulate in nature.  Very rapidly they are consumed by germs and thereby taken through a chain of chemical alterations which break them down step by step into simpler compounds.

The germs themselves eventually die, and their bodies are also transformed by microbial action.  In this manner the constituents of all living things are returned to nature after death to be recycled.  Reduced to simpler forms, they are available for the creation of new microbial and plant life, which is eventually consumed by animals and human beings.

Microbes and germs thus constitute indispensable links in the chain that binds inanimate matter of life.

The innate intelligence that animate the living world, including us, needs no help, just no interference!!!



What is a subluxation? (3)

Many people have subluxations that they don’t know about.  This is due to the fact that subluxations are not painful, and you cannot tell if you have one unless you have your spine examined.  Thus the importance of spinal checks.

Knowing that your spinal bones are in proper alignment with no nerve interference gives you peace of mind as well as the benefits of maximum nerve supply to all the organs of your body.

Get your spine checked at least once/week….  I do!   🙂



What is a subluxation?

As stated previously, cycles are the basis for our very existence.  The interference with the cycle can cause disorder, dysfunction, disease and death.  The single interfering factor within your body that can lead to serious consequences all the time is a subluxation.

A subluxation by definition is the movement of a spinal bone (called a vertebra) out of its proper position, so that it puts pressure on a nerve, thus interfering with the normal flow of mental impulses through the spine to and from all the organs and tissue of the body.



More on natural functions.

The objective straight chiropractor understands the principles of natural body functions and is concerned in locating, analyzing and correcting interferences to these natural body functions.  These interferences are called:  vertebral subluxations.

Chiropractic has built a philosophy, science and art around the correction of vertebral subluxations.   It is based on a definite set of principles (more than 30) to follow in order to achieve the understanding of the ultimate importance and priority of correcting vertebral subluxations.

Objective straight chiropractors concern themselves thoroughly and exclusively with the application of those principles.

By consistently and persistently checking the spines of people for the presence of vertebral subluxations and correcting them, the objective straight chiropractor helps people to express their innate potential.  This allows the people’s natural body functions to be normalized at the greatest and highest level of proficiency available today.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn to live in freedom and knowledge rather than in bondage and ignorance of what is truly good for us?

Amazing isn’t it?

How can the body not perform properly?

Since your innate intelligence coordinates ALL of your body functions through your nerve system, it is very important that your nerves be free of  any “junk-mail” or “spam” caused by an interference that is called: VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

Because, like cell phones, if the nerves are experiencing a “dead zone” or if they are scrambled or otherwise disturbed, the particular organ or area which those nerves serve will alter their functions.

It is like a computer in perfect working order but with no power pack, nothing to make it function.  In order for your body to function properly, it must be working right.  Your life-force must flow through your nerves uninterrupted to every system, organ, gland and cell of your body.

Let us remember that whenever one of your nerves is disturbed, some part of your body cannot receive the life-force sent by your INNATE INTELLIGENCE and your body will not perform properly, depending on the extent of the interference.

If the interference is caused by a VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION and is corrected, normal function is established, giving once again perfect control to your innate intelligence allowing your body to receive complete life-force and perform exactly as it was intended.