Are microbes and germs good for you?

In common usage, the meaning of the word “nature” is extremely limited.  It does not refer to the earth as shaped by cosmic forces, but almost exclusively to the living forms on which people depend and to the earth’s atmosphere and surface.

The interdependence between human beings and the other forms of life is so complete that the word nature usually has biological connotations, even when referring to inanimate substances.  In practice, we do not live on planet earth but with the life it harbors and within the environment it creates.  For example, the oxygen we breathe is a product of life.  Oxygen was being released into the atmosphere in a free form by primitive organisms that lived aeons ago according to scientific historians.  It is still being produced by most members of the plant kingdom, by the microscopic algae or ocean plankton as well as by the most gigantic trees.

Microbes and plants are thus absolutely necessary for the existence of animals and human beings, not only because they produce food but also because they literally create a breathable atmosphere.





Is science good or bad? (2)

Over the course of time, people have learned to treat many diseases and pestilences that prevailed in the past, and have changed their life by trying to bring under control the factors arising outside their own bodies.  But unfortunately this has failed as we see our system of health care being dismantled little by little.

The main reason for our failure to maintain and improve our health resides mostly in that disease which still plagues people arises from internal rather than external causes.




What are the secrets of the human cell? (6)

Each answer seems to pose a NEW, more complex question about the cell.  It seems to be an infinite field…  We are just at the beginning, and yet, we will always be at the beginning.

If anything is certain in the minute and mysterious world of cell, it is that the human cell will never surrender all of its secrets to the human mind.

Only the innate intelligence of the body knows everything there is to know about the human cell, and that is enough for us to continue on the course of life.



Can we have an intimate conversation?

The immune system works remarkably well for most of us, most of the time.  Just how it works differs from person to person.  We know that the immune system is controlled by the innate intelligence of the body and that it reflects the life history and individuality of its owner.  How any one person will meet a given challenge depends on many things, especially the integrity of the nerve system and its freedom from subluxations.  So, make sure to get your spine checked regularly!

Amazing isn’t it?


Do YOU know your heart? (2)

Your blood is made up of billions of  cells floating in a liquid called plasma.  It’s like a river that flows to every part of your body through your arteries, veins and capillaries.

The red cells in your blood stream are like freight ships that carry oxygen from your lungs to your tissues and take waste gas (carbon dioxide) from your tissues back to your lungs.

The white cells in your blood stream are like Coast Guard boats that are always on alert and act like dams to shut off the flow of blood whenever you cut yourself.  They form tiny threads called fibrin which trap the red cells forming a clot or dam.

A crop of blood only 1/25th of an inch in size contains about 5,000,000 red blood cells, 7,000 white blood cells and thousands of platelets.  60,000 of these blood cells could be put on the head of a pin!

Amazing isn’t it?

What is this something?

Life takes on a new meaning when we wake up to that special something that lies in each one of us.  That “something” is the faith and courage to pursue our individual talents and dreams, but it is more than this.

That “something”, our silent partner through life, is an intelligence regulating all of our body activities without educated conscious thought.

This silent partner… inborn intelligence… converts our food from yesterday into flesh and blood today.  That “something” is the mysterious system of the body that heals broken bones, cuts, scrapes and bruises.


Amazing isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world of freedom where we could breathe fresh air without the need of nasal spray?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk barefoot in the grass without corn pard?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep one’s cool all day without the use of prozac?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk with one’s head held high without a neckbrace?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be happy without valium?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be vibrant and strong at 70 without metamucil #1 #2 #3 #4?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be ready for a good night sleep without the aid of sominex?

Wouldn’t be wonderful to live with ALL your organs and glands without fear of losing them through operations?

Wouldn’t be wonderful to face life and every new day with a smile and much enthusiasm?

Wouldn’t be wonderful?

Amazing isn’t it?

What’s somewhere in between?

100% LIFE = 100% Health

Death = 0% LIFE = 0% Health

Somewhere — in– between =  Less than 100% life and more than 0% life = Less than 100% health and more than 0% health

It becomes partial life and partial health and partial death, which is where EVERYONE is at any given moment due to limitations.  Everyone of us is going to die someday and every one of us is NOW partially alive and partially healthy and partially dead. It’s just a matter of percentage.

A free nerve system gives you a full expression of the innate intelligence of the body. It ALWAYS increases the percentage of life in you and increases the percentage of health in you and decreases the percentage of death in you.

Amazing isn’t it?

Where are you?


When nerves are cut-off… LIFE is cut-off.

When LIFE is cut-off… the result is death.

When nerves are impinged upon… LIFE is altered.

When LIFE is altered… the result is dis-ease.

When nerves are free… the result is ease.

When LIFE is expressed with ease… the result is health.

Amazing isn’t it?

Innate intelligence and the human body

The human body functions as a chemical factory as well as an electric power plant.  It is under the perfect control of the innate intelligence of the body which uses the nerve system to send chemo-electrical impulses to communicate with all the cells of that body.

Those impulses have one purpose:  to allow the body for function properly.  If the life-force which is encoded within those impulses leaving the brain as e-mails and coursing through the nerve system  is received precisely as it was intended by the innate intelligence of the body, the systems, organs, glands and all the cells or the body will perform efficiently without any spam and junk-mail.

The result of such performance is a greater expression of the innate potential of the body.

Amazing isn’t it?