How about your stomach? (7)

If you have vertebral subluxations blocking mental impulses traveling through your nerve system to your stomach, you could develop mal-function of your stomach.  This could lead to over-production of hydrochloric acid and, given time, could irritate the lining of your stomach and produce an ulcer or even cancer.

The Straight Chiropractor, by correcting vertebral subluxations, insures a proper nerve supply to your stomach and ALL the parts of your body.  The result better bodily functions which means more health.



“Doctor, can you cure me, please?”

Throughout our day, we pick up bits and pieces of conversations emanating from our  reception rooms.  Often times we have heard people saying:  “Chiropractic cured me from migraines, high blood pressure, paralysis, menstrual cramps”…  and what not, from hyperfunction to hypofunction.  Well, let’s bring things back into focus.

Objective chiropractors do not cure anything and neither does chiropractic for that matter.  Why?  Simply because they cannot!  Any healing of the human body is done by the innate intelligence of the body from within.

It is electricity which produces light, not the electrician turning on the switch…  It is the steam which gives heat, not the plumber operating the valve…  It is the software which computerizes information, not the computer operator..  It is the water which grows the fruits, not the gardener opening the faucet…

It is the energy within you which gives you life, grows you from baby to child, to adult.  It is the energy within you which allows you to live…  which, if interfered with, decreases the expression of the innate intelligence of  your body and causes it to malfunction… which when restored, increases the expression of the innate intelligence of your body and causes it to function properly and normally.

Amazing isn’t it?

Dis-ease… what’s that?

When there is a vertebral subluxation which alters the e-mail coursing through your nerve system and creates junk-mail and spam, dis-ease happens.

Dis-ease is the term used to described the in-coordination and malfunction of the cells of the body due to lack of proper communication from the brain cells and the rest of the cells of the body.

At the stage of dis-ease, the body’s cells malfunction and break down.  They cannot reproduce themselves in a healthy way any longer.

Signs, symptoms and even pain will eventually appear.  The person’s symptoms are then grouped in categories and a disease (which is essentially a group of symptoms) is now labeled.

Question:  “What to do now?

What’s your answer?

Amazing isn’t it?

Chiropractic philosophy states:

A vertebral subluxation which is an interference to the flow of mental impulses from the brain to the cells of the body ALWAYS causes a decreased expression of the innate intelligence of the body thereby promoting malfunction and incoordination within the body.

Chiropractic philosophy also states:  Correct the vertebral subluxation and it will restore the flow of mental impulse from the brain to the cells of the body and will ALWAYS cause an increased expression of the innate intelligence of the body, thereby improving function within the body.

Amazing isn’t it?