What is a vertebral subluxation? (3)

It has now been proven that one to three hours of a great deal of pressure on a spinal nerve root, from a displaced vertebra, causes many of the nerve fibers in the nerve root to rupture, producing toxins or poisons which spread to the surrounding tissues.

This is the same degree of pressure objective chiropractors find in the average person’s spine.  The poisons in turn, are absorbed into the nerves, bones, ligaments, spinal discs, muscles and other supportive tissues of the spine, progressively and relentlessly destroying them though out a lifetime.  Although a vertebral subluxation cannot be felt immediately, its effects are relentless and progressive.  It interferes directly with the proper function of all the parts of your body by altering the information, in the form of mental impulse, that they receive from your brain.

What does this mean you?  It means that the vertebral subluxation must be corrected as soon as possible after it occurs!

By attempting to make correction of vertebral subluxations available to everyone regardless of creed, health status, age, sex, education, political affiliation financial ability to pay, the objective chiropractor hopes not only to encourage your individual self improvement but also to facilitate the intelligent use of our environment.




Did you know? (2)

When scientists discovered in 1993 that the nerve system and immune system were basically one and the same, it naturally follows that in good health and ill health, the nerve system becomes the regulating force.  In good health, the flow of mental impulse is normal; we can see, taste, smell, feel and function.  By it we move, breathe, have our being, plan and understand.  We mend fractures, repair wounds, grow, adapt, assimilate and excrete.

In ill health however, the flow of mental impulse is altered and we cannot perform well any longer.  We dramatically understand as well, that the absence of mental impulse flow (also called brain-waves) indicates… death.  In other words, through the mental impulse flow from brain to tissue cell and back to the brain, we LIVE!!!



Chiropractic philosophy states:

A vertebral subluxation which is an interference to the flow of mental impulses from the brain to the cells of the body ALWAYS causes a decreased expression of the innate intelligence of the body thereby promoting malfunction and incoordination within the body.

Chiropractic philosophy also states:  Correct the vertebral subluxation and it will restore the flow of mental impulse from the brain to the cells of the body and will ALWAYS cause an increased expression of the innate intelligence of the body, thereby improving function within the body.

Amazing isn’t it?