What is a vertebral subluxation? (3)

It has now been proven that one to three hours of a great deal of pressure on a spinal nerve root, from a displaced vertebra, causes many of the nerve fibers in the nerve root to rupture, producing toxins or poisons which spread to the surrounding tissues.

This is the same degree of pressure objective chiropractors find in the average person’s spine.  The poisons in turn, are absorbed into the nerves, bones, ligaments, spinal discs, muscles and other supportive tissues of the spine, progressively and relentlessly destroying them though out a lifetime.  Although a vertebral subluxation cannot be felt immediately, its effects are relentless and progressive.  It interferes directly with the proper function of all the parts of your body by altering the information, in the form of mental impulse, that they receive from your brain.

What does this mean you?  It means that the vertebral subluxation must be corrected as soon as possible after it occurs!

By attempting to make correction of vertebral subluxations available to everyone regardless of creed, health status, age, sex, education, political affiliation financial ability to pay, the objective chiropractor hopes not only to encourage your individual self improvement but also to facilitate the intelligent use of our environment.




Why so many muscles? (4)

Unless you use your muscles regularly and have a good nerve supply to them, they become weak.  Do some physical work, exercise each day and get your nerve system free of subluxations to keep fit.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a good nerve supply, especially when it concerns your muscles.  If muscles do not receive the proper quantity and quality of mental impulses they may eventually atrophy, become spastic, tremble or even paralyze.

Your Straight Chiropractor corrects vertebral subluxations which interfere with the proper flow of nerve energy.  This allow a better expression of the innate potential of the body, thus insuring the muscles and all the parts of your body to function properly.



Why so many muscles? (3)

Muscles use oxygen, sugars, and fatty acids as fuel.  They give off heat to keep you warm, specially when it is sub-zero like last Saturday morning.  When you run fast, your muscles give off so much heat that you perspire to COOL you off.  How about that?

In cold weather, your muscles “shiver” to generate more heat.  As muscles work, they ouse lots of fuel from the blood.  Your breathe harder and your heart pumps faster to supply more oxygen and remove the waste.  After some time, the blood can’t keep it up.  Then, you feel tired and must rest until the fuel is replaced in your muscles and all the waste is carried away.



Why so many muscles?

Muscles are like strong steel cables.  Each muscle is made up of long thin cells wrapped in small bundles.  The small bundles make up larger bundles and the larger bundles make a muscle.

There are three kinds of muscles:

1)  Voluntary (or stripped).  They move when you want them too.

2)  Smooth.  They do their work without you directing them (for example, those in your stomach).

3)  Heart muscle.  It has more reserve power that other muscles and is made of cells shaped like tiny planks.  

There are 812 muscles in your body!  Many of those muscles work together in teams…  More than 200 muscles are working together in order for a person to lift dumbbells…  31 are used in your face as you strain and clench you jaw.