Electricity and chemicals in your brain? (9)

Due to physical, emotional, or chemical trauma, the vertebrae of the spinal column can become displaced to a degree sufficient to interfere with the flow of mental impulses.  When this happens, incoordination of activities of the parts of your body and chaos develop within your body.

The Objective of the Straight Chiropractor is to correct these interferences to the nerve system which restore the normal flow of mental impulses.  This allows your body to function in a state of coordination of activities of the parts of your body and harmony once again permits full expression of the mental impulses selected by your innate intelligence.

Remember that every organ of your body is attached to the one under your hat!



What exactly is the human cell? (3)

When new cells replace old cells it doesn’t mean the new cells are healthy cells.  In order for the innate intelligence of the body to regenerate new HEALTHY cells, the body must be free from vertebral subluxations since the brain and the nerve system coordinate all the cells of your body.  Therefore, it is vitally important to check if your body has any vertebral subluxations which interfere with the normal flow of mental impulses.  If you do not, chances are that your body will regenerate abnormal cells and when you have may abnormal cells in an organ or gland, it may, over time, malfunction and deteriorate.

When vertebral subluxations are corrected, the natural process of cellular replacement allows your body to express more of its innate potential.



Are they body guards? (2)

The innate intelligence of the body uses a set of first-line defenses that keeps most foreign material outside the body, away from its inner tissues.  These defenses include the body’s tough outer covering of skin and membranes…. it’s protective reflexes, such as coughing and sneezing... and a variety of fluids that wash over its surface.

As long as the skin remains uninjured, it holds the body’s insides in and keeps the rest of the world safely out.  This remarkable organ also has the ability to regenerate.  Despite daily scratching, ripping, tanning, burning and exposure to irritation soaps and drying heat, skin retains its integrity.  The innate intelligence of the body, through many organs and glands, constantly re-lubricates and replenishes its outer surface, the epidermis, and heals ruptures in its deeper layer, the dermis.


Do YOU know your heart? (3)

Your heart is a very active and very important organ of your body.  It is under the direct control of the innate intelligence of the body which uses the brain and nerve system to relay messages to and from the heart.

For your heart to function at maximum efficiency, it needs a good nerve supply of energy, for without energy from the brain, your heart would just stop beating and you would die.

However, sometimes only a small amount of energy is blocked within the nerves and it eventually causes malfunction of the heart leading very often to heart attacks, heart failure, cardiac arrest, hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.

The Objective Straight Chiropractor, by correcting the blockages to your nerve system, insures that the right amount of energy will get to your heart and all the parts of your body resulting in a better expression of your innate potential.

That is always positive for all the functions of your body, especially your heart!

Amazing isn’t it?

What is body chronology?

Human growth proceeds in four phases.  The first, before birth, results mainly from cell division.  All nerve cells, for example, are present by the sixth month of pregnancy; the nerve system continues to grow as these cells enlarge.

During the second phase, from birth to maturity, the enlargement of existing cells tends to dominate.  A baby‘s heart contains the same number of cells as the larger organ.  It grows only by enlargement.

During the third phase, maturity, emphasis switches to the maintenance of existing functions and the repair of damage from injury or wear and tear.

When old age, the final phase, sets in, slowed growth can no longer replace lost cells, and the efficiency of our organs and tissues decline.

All of the above mentioned phases are under direct control the the innate intelligence of the body.  It is quite fascinating to witness the chronology of these phases within each and every one of us.  It suffices to say that the innate intelligence of the body works miracles constantly.  All we have to do is to be grateful by taking good care of our bodies.

Amazing isn’t it?

Tell me more about this innate intelligence again.

Everyone has an innate intelligence and no one can willingly control it.

Suppose you had a pretzel for a snack.  Just how much water would you have to drink to neutralize the salt?  How much faster must your heart beat, should you run to catch a bus, chop some firewood or do any kind of exercise?  How much sugar must be burned within your body in order to maintain it at 98.6 degrees of human temperature?

Well, now, these questions need not bother you a bit.  There is not a chemist or a scientist in the world who can tell you.

But that liver of yours can handle the sugar problem if you never saw the inside of a textbook of chemistry.

Your heart, the number of heartbeats and the stomach will call for its water and tell you when it gets enough.

Your innate intelligence uses your nerve system to communicate and control every function of every system, organ, gland and cell know and unknown within your body.

Amazing isn’t it?