How much do we know? (2)

When a person goes to an objective chiropractor to get her spine checked, she helps her body to communicate within itself in an orderly manner.  Adjustments correct interferences to her nerve system which is located within her spinal column.  The mental impulses (chemical, electrical and trophic) travel down her pine and out her nerves to activate her entire body.

When these impulses are free from interferences, her body’s ability to function properly increases tremendously, thus allowing her to enjoy wellness throughout.

What a remarkable organization the human body is!


Manifestation of Innate Intelligence

Can you conceive of a complicated computer chip happening by sheer luck? Or a musical symphony composed by pure chance? Evidently their fantastic organizations prove it takes intelligent individuals to create these complex systems.

Now do you think it possible that the creation of a human baby with all its intricate internal systems happens by luck? Seriously the six billions people populating our planet with similarly organized bodies are not haphazard occurrences.

Since your body is well organized, it must, logically speaking, be the result of an intelligence smart enough to assemble and organize it in the first place.

The organization of your body is under the perfect control of a great wisdom we call innate intelligence. Innate means “inborn, within you.”

What is Innate Intelligence

YOU were conceived within the womb of your mother from two tiny cells: the sperm and the egg.  They united and multiplied in nine months to a grand total of 400 trillions cells.

A human baby at birth has a brain, a nerve system, a respiratory system, a circulatory system and many more systems, some of which are NOT yet known to science.

As you can see, your body is very well organized.  What causes this organization in the first place?