Are microbes and germs good for you? (2)

An other example is that the oxygen we breathe is a product of life.  Oxygen was being released into the atmosphere in a free form by primitive organisms that lived more than two billion years ago according to scientific historians.

It is still being produced by most members of the plant kingdom, by the microscopic algae of ocean plankton as well as by the most gigantic trees.

Microbes and plants are thus absolutely necessary for the existence of animals and human beings, not only as they produce food, also as they literally create a breathable atmosphere.



Are they body guards?

The innate intelligence of the body makes sure that its organism is very well protected.  Everything we encounter bears a rich load of foreign material.  The air we breathe carries dirt, exhaust fumes, and bits of debris, including pollen grains from hundreds of different plants.

Dust that settles on the furniture and floors of our homes, often holds human or pet dander (tiny scales that flake from hair, skin or feathers) as well as microscopic cousins of the spider called mites.  Even the food we eat harbors bacteria, mold and fungal spores.

Fortunately, the immune system does not have to confront the bulk of these substances all at once.

Amazing isn’t it?

Now what?

Traditionally and conventionally the sickness curers and disease-treaters walk through the garden of your body, look around, test this plant, that flower, this fruit or vegetable and from this outside-in approach they make-up a diagnosis.

Then, they proceed to treat and prognosticate whatever they think is going wrong.

“See that plant over there, it looks weak, let’s give it an injection to stimulate it.  Those fruits there are getting out of hand, let’s prescribe pill to inhibit them.  See these vegetables, they’re too pale, let’s cover them with oils to make them shiny.  Now, the flowers by the fence are wilting, let’s chop them down.  And this shrub right here is too ugly, let’s replace it with an artificial one.  And, finally, all those little patches of brown grass, let’s kill them by using antibiotic chemicals.”

Please, tell me what kind of care has been applied to the garden of YOUR BODY?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Chiropractic works because it allows that permanent law of life within to be released and to manifest itself without interference.

As an objective non-therapeutic chiropractor, one of the best way I can explain chiropractic is to turn to the outside world and examine what we see at work in nature.  After all, isn’t everything outward also inward?

From the movement and balance of our internal body water (intercellular and intracellular fluids), from the hatching of a baby chick to the natural process of birth in humans, from the awakening of plants and animals at sunrise to the awakening of a child in the morning…

Similarities abound…

Amazing isn’t it?