Secret Code (2)

Now that we understand the gazillions of possibilities for coding the DNA, it seems that if someone wants a cure of some sort, one would have to know the language of the DNA.  Otherwise, how would that person know what is needed?

If I send you my book written in French, I am sending you  great information, yet totally useless to you if you do not know the French language.  You cannot decode my thoughts.

However, if I send you my book written in English, you can decode my thoughts and use the information I provide for your own good.

Vertebral subluxation “scramble” the message sent from the brain to the tissue cell.  That’s WHY chiropractors remove subluxations.



What? Efferent? (2)

The union of intelligence and the cells of the body via efferent transmission creates life.  The creative ability of the innate intelligence of the body has no limitations.  It is our limited perception that put boundaries on our capacity to think.

Amazing isn’t it?


Trappers or garbage collectors? (2)

WOW!  2 blogs in 2 days.  What’s up with that?  Yesterday at the office I learned from Robert that the transformer I am using to demonstrate your growing into a life of maximum performance is vintage.  It’s the first generation transformer called:  MEGATRON.  You can find them on e-bay for a hefty price tag.  Well, Robert sold it to me for a mere fraction of the full value.  Thank you Robert and for those of you who have not yet seen me in action with it, please ask me for a demonstration.

Also a simple reminder that my next chiropractic event at Michael’s restaurant is next tuesday at 7pm for a complimentary italian dinner and a power point presentation about my objective as an unadulterated straight chiropractor exclusively.  Please bring a friend or two that you care about and that you have always wanted to share with them the value of our service at Lessard Chiropractic Centre.  Call Tara and let her know how many people you will bring so she can advise the chef at Michael’s.

Pursuant yesterday’s blog, during the course of a day in a city like Philadelphia, we inhale 17000 pints of air.  That air contains some 20 billions particles of foreign material, including dirt, dust and chemicals, most of which never make it to the lungs.

Airborne matter that enters the nose must pass through a trap of stiff nostril hairs that catches many of the larger particles.  Just past this trap, the direction of the airstream shifts abruptly with the curve of the bones in the nasal passage, forcing some of the larger particles to collide with the wall of the pharynx.  Here, the innate intelligence of the body uses tonsils and adenoids (strategically placed tissues containing agents of the immune system) to trap foreign material and see to its destruction.

Amazing isn’t it?


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