WHAT are the secrets of the human cell? (3)

Slim nerve cells that are more than 3 feet long and about 1/40,000th of an inch wide, transmit impulses between the body-cells and the brain-cells.  

Red blood cells , sculpted like poker chips and 3/10,000th of an inch in diameter, carry life giving oxygen around the body.

Researchers remain baffled by the innate intelligence of the body using chemical mechanisms that enable particular genes in different cells to switch themselves on and off and perform differently in varying circumstances.





Division or multiplication? (2)

The time it takes a cell to move through the complete cycle, from growth to division, varies enormously. It may take as little as a few hours, or it may last as long as the body lives.

Some skin cells live about 8 hours, cells that line the intestine about 1  1/2 days, heart cells about 90 days, red blood cells about 120 days, while undamaged muscle and nerve cells last a lifetime.



What exactly is a human cell?

Your cells take in food and oxygen and give off waste.  They have the ability to excrete, be productive and reproduce themselves.  Cells that have completed their life cycle are replaced by new cells… this process is called regeneration.

Basically every year, your body renews itself.  For example, heart cells live about 90 days.  Red blood cells, 120 days.  Liver cells, 300 days.  Stomach lining cells 5 days.  Even the DNA which contains millions of years of genetic information is different every 6 weeks.  The innate intelligence of the body renews our cells at the rate of 500,000,ooo,ooo per day.  We actuality change our bodies more rapidly than we change our clothes!



River of life (2)

The body’s river retains an age-old tie to Earth‘s waters.  Like it’s prototype the ocean, blood is a crowded sea, teeming with a diverse society of cells that carry out specific tasks and coexist in strict proportions.  So critical is this balance that a decline in the population of any one element can endanger life.

The red blood cells constitute about 45% of blood’s volume.  EVERY red blood cell contains about 270,000,000 complex proteins to carry oxygen to our body parts.  In turn, so many red cells crowd the bloodstream of a single human that stacked, these cells could reach 31,000 miles in the sky.

Amazing isn’t it?

Are you glad?

The innate intelligence of your body is currently running your EXACT blood pressure, body temperature, number of red blood cells, white blood cells, basophils, neutrophils,  insulin production, adrenalin, dopamine….

You’re not even thinking about it  and it happens anyway!

Amazing isn’t it?