What is health anyway? (3)

Most people believe that symptoms happen at the beginning of a disease.  This is completely and totally untrue.  Symptoms are not a sign of the beginning of an illness, rather, symptoms tell you that something has been wrong for a long time, long enough to build up to a point of causing you pain.  Symptoms do not tell you that you just got sick… symptoms tell you that you have been unhealthy for a long time.  Examples:  Kidney stones result from 7 to 10 years of kidney malfunctions.  Cancer, as much  as 20 to 25 years of latency.  Heart diseases, 10 to 15 years… etc.

So, if you wait for symptoms or pain to show up, the first symptom might be your last, example, a fatal heart attack!



What is health anyway? (2)

Most people say I am healthy when I feel good.  Others say I am healthy when I have no pain.  Still others, I am healthy when I have no symptoms.  Are these a good criteria to determine one’s health?

What is a symptom?  What is it that makes us feel we are not well?  A symptom is some kind of sign that we interpret as being bad for us.  What happened in our bodies to cause us pain?

Is it that something goes wrong within our body, and instantly we feel pain, and we know we are sick?  Or is it that something begins to go wrong just a little, and it is not corrected, and so it builds up, until it reached the level where it finally causes us pain?




Garden analogy continues.

When we deal with your body from and outside-in-below-up point of view, we only create superficial action without any principled purpose.  Your body still looks good, and unfortunately, it only looks good.  It is doing much worse than before because some parts are missing and the water is still not flowing freely to feed the roots.

And also, please help me understand what would happen to a healthy body if we were to give it drugs everyday?  Would it not eventually get sick?

Therefore, explain to me if drugs given to a healthy body make it sick, how is it possible for a sick body to get well if we give it drugs?

No one has ever been able to answer this question.

Amazing isn’t it?