The innate intelligence of the body uses the brain to send mental impulses, to convey messages, informations, to pass on a created force to all the organs, cells, and tissues of the body.  In essence, the brain is the center that the innate intelligence of the body uses to govern the state and the action of each individual cell.  Sounds great, right?

However, there can be interference with the transmission of mental impulses through the body’s transportation system (nerve passages, of course).  This interference with transmission results in information that is dis-eased….  it’s NOT the right message or the right information any longer.

Your organs are not smart.  Your organs are not dumb.  Your organs are obedient or we could also say, compliant.  Whatever information your organs get, they will perform accordingly.  Good information = Good performance.  Poor information = Poor performance.  It is as simple as that!



Another simple thought

I give an apple to the corpse and nothing happens or will happen except the corpse and the apple will rot.

I give an apple to you and you eat it, digest it, use what is good for your body and eliminate what is bad.

See the difference?

And that,my friend,will happen regardless of whether you have a PhD or no education all.  It does not depends on how smart you are.

Amazing isn’t it?


Manifestation of Innate Intelligence

Can you conceive of a complicated computer chip happening by sheer luck? Or a musical symphony composed by pure chance? Evidently their fantastic organizations prove it takes intelligent individuals to create these complex systems.

Now do you think it possible that the creation of a human baby with all its intricate internal systems happens by luck? Seriously the six billions people populating our planet with similarly organized bodies are not haphazard occurrences.

Since your body is well organized, it must, logically speaking, be the result of an intelligence smart enough to assemble and organize it in the first place.

The organization of your body is under the perfect control of a great wisdom we call innate intelligence. Innate means “inborn, within you.”