Why do people wait for symptoms?

Symptoms and diseases are the last stage of  the human systems in a state of  “crashing”.  The accumulated spam and junk mail takes its toll on the megabites available.  It get sluggish and eventually crashes.

When the spinal cord or spinal nerves are free from interference (spam) caused by vertebral subluxations, the innate intelligence of the body is using the brain to computerize normally and precisely with the cells of the body.

This allows the cells to be productive, excrete properly and reproduce themselves normally.  The result is a body functioning correctly at all times, performing at its best and expressing more of its innate potential.

Amazing isn’t it?

Where is this going?

When the spinal cord or spinal nerves have pressure exerted on them by displacements of one or more vertebrae called vertebral subluxations, normal communication between the brain and the rest of the body is altered. Junk mail and spam invade the body.

The innate expression of that body is diminished and trouble begins, unnoticed at first….  Given time, the tissue cells involved in the altered communication, receiving spam and junk mail, begin to lose their ability to be productive, lose their ability to excrete properly and lose their ability to reproduce themselves normally.

Eventually signs and symptoms will appear, first mildly and sooner or later the organs, glands and systems involved break down, leading to a system “crash”.

Then, as this gets most people’s attention, it leads them to seek help.

Amazing isn’t it?

Innate intelligence and the human body

The human body functions as a chemical factory as well as an electric power plant.  It is under the perfect control of the innate intelligence of the body which uses the nerve system to send chemo-electrical impulses to communicate with all the cells of that body.

Those impulses have one purpose:  to allow the body for function properly.  If the life-force which is encoded within those impulses leaving the brain as e-mails and coursing through the nerve system  is received precisely as it was intended by the innate intelligence of the body, the systems, organs, glands and all the cells or the body will perform efficiently without any spam and junk-mail.

The result of such performance is a greater expression of the innate potential of the body.

Amazing isn’t it?

How can the body not perform properly?

Since your innate intelligence coordinates ALL of your body functions through your nerve system, it is very important that your nerves be free of  any “junk-mail” or “spam” caused by an interference that is called: VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

Because, like cell phones, if the nerves are experiencing a “dead zone” or if they are scrambled or otherwise disturbed, the particular organ or area which those nerves serve will alter their functions.

It is like a computer in perfect working order but with no power pack, nothing to make it function.  In order for your body to function properly, it must be working right.  Your life-force must flow through your nerves uninterrupted to every system, organ, gland and cell of your body.

Let us remember that whenever one of your nerves is disturbed, some part of your body cannot receive the life-force sent by your INNATE INTELLIGENCE and your body will not perform properly, depending on the extent of the interference.

If the interference is caused by a VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION and is corrected, normal function is established, giving once again perfect control to your innate intelligence allowing your body to receive complete life-force and perform exactly as it was intended.