What is a vertebral subluxation? (3)

It has now been proven that one to three hours of a great deal of pressure on a spinal nerve root, from a displaced vertebra, causes many of the nerve fibers in the nerve root to rupture, producing toxins or poisons which spread to the surrounding tissues.

This is the same degree of pressure objective chiropractors find in the average person’s spine.  The poisons in turn, are absorbed into the nerves, bones, ligaments, spinal discs, muscles and other supportive tissues of the spine, progressively and relentlessly destroying them though out a lifetime.  Although a vertebral subluxation cannot be felt immediately, its effects are relentless and progressive.  It interferes directly with the proper function of all the parts of your body by altering the information, in the form of mental impulse, that they receive from your brain.

What does this mean you?  It means that the vertebral subluxation must be corrected as soon as possible after it occurs!

By attempting to make correction of vertebral subluxations available to everyone regardless of creed, health status, age, sex, education, political affiliation financial ability to pay, the objective chiropractor hopes not only to encourage your individual self improvement but also to facilitate the intelligent use of our environment.




Did you know? (4)

Vertebral subluxations interfere with the transmission of mental impulses by causing an insult to the transmitting matter of the human body which is the nerve system because of the pressure exerted by the vertebrae on the brain stem, the spinal cord or the spinal nerves.

The ONLY objective of the straight chiropractor is to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations by adjusting the spine, period.





Do you know you body chemistry? (4)

The objective of the Straight Chiropractor is to correct vertebral subluxations allowing the body to express its innate potential.  As a result the body’s nerve system can detect imbalances so quickly that they are actually corrected as they occur.

It does this through an ingenious collection of monitors and sensing devices and it is the interrelation and integration al all these factors (mental impulses, sensitive monitors, receptors, and regulating organs) that produce the most precise subtle balance of your body chemistry so necessary in order for you body to perform properly.


Getting  your spine checked regularly insures that your nerve system is staying connected to all the parts of your body.







What is a subluxation? (3)

Many people have subluxations that they don’t know about.  This is due to the fact that subluxations are not painful, and you cannot tell if you have one unless you have your spine examined.  Thus the importance of spinal checks.

Knowing that your spinal bones are in proper alignment with no nerve interference gives you peace of mind as well as the benefits of maximum nerve supply to all the organs of your body.

Get your spine checked at least once/week….  I do!   🙂



When the body is not working right

The person may not feel bad, have symptoms or pain immediately, but if the body is not working right for weeks, months or years, the expression of  its innate potential will diminish and the entire human experience of the person will be affected.

Most of the time, vertebral subluxations do not hurt and this is why everyone NEEDS their spine checked for the detection of vertebral subluxations.

Straight, Objective, Non-therapeutic Chiropractors are trained to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations.

If one or more vertebral subluxations are detected, they will perform a specific adjustment.  If they do not find any vertebral subluxations, they will see the person at their next appointment for another check-up.

Amazing isn’t it?