Citizens of the body? (2)

Usually, we live in harmony with our microscopic residents.  Most stay on the body’s surface.  Under certain conditions, when we are malnourished, exhausted, injured, or if our internal resistance is not up to par and we have subluxations, resident organisms and other microbes may invade and multiply in our tissues, or set forth in the bloodstream  traveling to all parts of the body.  If unchallenged, they can upset the body’s delicate chemistry.  When this happens, the body functions may be compromised.

To keep one’s resistance high requires a good nerve supply.  A good nerve supply is part of the chiropractic objective.



WHAT are the secrets of the human cell? (6)

The human cell and its organelles or interior parts still guard many secrets.  Scientists want to know most of all what mechanism causes the process know as “cell regulation“, why certain cells in the pancreas produce insulin, other supple muscles with their power and still others serve the thousands of remaining bodily needs.

How do the outer skins or membranes of the cell cooperate with the genes to repel invaders while allowing necessary chemicals and food supplies to move in and out?

What control how genes transmit their interactions for creating, vital chemicals in the cells’ “factories” or ribosomes?

Each answer seems to pose a new, more complex question about the cell.  It seems to be an infinite field…  We are just the the beginning, and yet, we will always be at the beginning.  If anything is certain in the minute and mysterious world of cells, it is that the human cell will never surrender all of its secrets to the human mind.

Only the innate intelligence of the body knows everything there is to know about the human cell, and that is enough for us to continue on the course of life… hopefully without subluxations!





Why so many muscles? (4)

Unless you use your muscles regularly and have a good nerve supply to them, they become weak.  Do some physical work, exercise each day and get your nerve system free of subluxations to keep fit.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a good nerve supply, especially when it concerns your muscles.  If muscles do not receive the proper quantity and quality of mental impulses they may eventually atrophy, become spastic, tremble or even paralyze.

Your Straight Chiropractor corrects vertebral subluxations which interfere with the proper flow of nerve energy.  This allow a better expression of the innate potential of the body, thus insuring the muscles and all the parts of your body to function properly.



Going South and observing? (4)

The same mechanisms at work in salmon, birds, butterflies and turtles are a  work within us.  For example:  In the male of our species, with each ejaculation are hundreds of thousands of sperm racing to meet one tiny female egg.  This journey is unexplained by science and the secret remains locked within the life processes of these living creatures, the sperm.

How do the sperm know “where to go” in the somewhat dark vaginal and uterine environment?  Do they merge  left or right? With AMAZING accuracy and infallible organization they travel toward the egg floating within the fertile womb.

Today, we know that in each woman the receptive egg rests one month in her left fallopian tube and the next month in her right one.  Again we see that the innate intelligence of the body needs no help in the procreating process, just no interference.

The chiropractic objective of to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations which are nerve interference.  This allow the body express fully the instructive information of the innate intelligence of the body, where all of the functions of the body work exactly as they are supposed to




Do you know your cells? (4)

Wait a minute…  New born cells does not mean that the cells are healthy.  In order to have healthy new born cells, the nerve system of the body must be free of vertebral subluxations.   WHY?

The brain and nerve system are used by the innate intelligence of the body to coordinate ALL the functions of the body, including cellular replacement.  Therefore, it is vitally important to check if your body has any vertebral subluxations which interfere with the flow of your mental impulses.  That way, you will ensure that your cellular regeneration will go on creating normal cells.  Otherwise, you will have abnormal cells in your organs.

Overtime,  do you think many abnormal cells in a certain organ could make that particular organ malfunction?



What is a subluxation? (3)

Many people have subluxations that they don’t know about.  This is due to the fact that subluxations are not painful, and you cannot tell if you have one unless you have your spine examined.  Thus the importance of spinal checks.

Knowing that your spinal bones are in proper alignment with no nerve interference gives you peace of mind as well as the benefits of maximum nerve supply to all the organs of your body.

Get your spine checked at least once/week….  I do!   🙂



How can the body not perform properly?

Since your innate intelligence coordinates ALL of your body functions through your nerve system, it is very important that your nerves be free of  any “junk-mail” or “spam” caused by an interference that is called: VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

Because, like cell phones, if the nerves are experiencing a “dead zone” or if they are scrambled or otherwise disturbed, the particular organ or area which those nerves serve will alter their functions.

It is like a computer in perfect working order but with no power pack, nothing to make it function.  In order for your body to function properly, it must be working right.  Your life-force must flow through your nerves uninterrupted to every system, organ, gland and cell of your body.

Let us remember that whenever one of your nerves is disturbed, some part of your body cannot receive the life-force sent by your INNATE INTELLIGENCE and your body will not perform properly, depending on the extent of the interference.

If the interference is caused by a VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION and is corrected, normal function is established, giving once again perfect control to your innate intelligence allowing your body to receive complete life-force and perform exactly as it was intended.