What is health anyway? (4)

We cannot define health as the absence of symptoms.  We need another definition, and in chiropractic we have one.

The word health comes from  the Greeks and it means whole.  In chiropractic, we know that health equals wholeness.  Wholeness has two meaning here.  First, wholeness in structure, that all the various parts are present.  Second, and most importantly, wholeness in function, that each part is coordinated with all the other parts. It is this harmonious wholeness that is health.




What is health anyway? (3)

Most people believe that symptoms happen at the beginning of a disease.  This is completely and totally untrue.  Symptoms are not a sign of the beginning of an illness, rather, symptoms tell you that something has been wrong for a long time, long enough to build up to a point of causing you pain.  Symptoms do not tell you that you just got sick… symptoms tell you that you have been unhealthy for a long time.  Examples:  Kidney stones result from 7 to 10 years of kidney malfunctions.  Cancer, as much  as 20 to 25 years of latency.  Heart diseases, 10 to 15 years… etc.

So, if you wait for symptoms or pain to show up, the first symptom might be your last, example, a fatal heart attack!



What is health anyway? (2)

Most people say I am healthy when I feel good.  Others say I am healthy when I have no pain.  Still others, I am healthy when I have no symptoms.  Are these a good criteria to determine one’s health?

What is a symptom?  What is it that makes us feel we are not well?  A symptom is some kind of sign that we interpret as being bad for us.  What happened in our bodies to cause us pain?

Is it that something goes wrong within our body, and instantly we feel pain, and we know we are sick?  Or is it that something begins to go wrong just a little, and it is not corrected, and so it builds up, until it reached the level where it finally causes us pain?




Why do people wait for symptoms?

Symptoms and diseases are the last stage of  the human systems in a state of  “crashing”.  The accumulated spam and junk mail takes its toll on the megabites available.  It get sluggish and eventually crashes.

When the spinal cord or spinal nerves are free from interference (spam) caused by vertebral subluxations, the innate intelligence of the body is using the brain to computerize normally and precisely with the cells of the body.

This allows the cells to be productive, excrete properly and reproduce themselves normally.  The result is a body functioning correctly at all times, performing at its best and expressing more of its innate potential.

Amazing isn’t it?

Effects or cause

Chiropractic does not address the symptoms, pain or feelings because they are the result of a cause…   When cells are sick, they never recover, they always die just the same as healthy cells die every second of your life.

Of course they are replaced by new cells, and if the new cells are as sick as the ones that just died, the person is getting worse.

And if the new cells are healthier than the ones that just died, then the person is getting better.

That’s how healing works!

Amazing isn’t it?