If you want to be truly healthy…

The human body must be kept free from vertebral subluxation which are interferences to the natural flow of mental impulses from the brain the nerve system to all the parts of the body.  This causes your body to function less than 100% and achieve less than your normal potential, therefore you will be enjoying less health.

Objective Straight Chiropractors search for the presence of vertebral subluxations in people’s vertebral columns.

When the vertebral subluxations are located, analyses and corrected by adjustments, the body will be allowed to function once again at 100%. thereby increasing your ability to express fully your innate potential and become healthier.

Amazing isn’t it?

Vertebral Subluxtion

The vertebral column is held in place by the back muscles and ligaments.  This column of bone is rather flexible to allow a multitude of movements.

However, because of its flexibilility, some of the segments of the vertebral column may go out of alignment altering the range of motion and in doing so, put pressure on the delicate nerves exiting between those vertebrae.

This is called:  Vertebral Subluxation.

A vertebral subluxation ALWAYS results in altering the flow of the life-force email encoded within the chemo-electric impulses coursing within the nerve system, thus causing the body to receive spam or junk-mail and malfunction.

Amazing isn’t it?

Innate potential

The innate potential relates to the entire human experience.  Since the nerve system carries the life-force in the format of emails throughout the body, it is very well protected.

A structure of bones called the vertebral column surrounds the nerve system.  When the vertebral column is within its proper range of motion without causing interference, the result is proper functions.

If the vertebral column is NOT within it’s proper range of motion, it causes interference in the transmission of the life-force emails and become spam or junk mail.

This creates a situation that prevents the innate potential of the body to be expressed.

Chiropractic care insures the appropriate deleting of spam and junk mail within the body by allowing the emails to reach the organs, glands and systems of the body.  It provides the human body the ability to express fully its own innate intelligence.

Amazing isn’t it?